Sijea Journal

Meet | Nuture the whole child

Introducing Hannah, owner of Ark and Luna.  Art has always been for my children and I to connect while playing. Hannah's simple nature play activities kept us busy during lockdown and her Mindful Together project continues to be an important reminder. Tell us a little about yourselfMy name is Hannah and I am mama to Ark (6) and Luna (3). We live in (andlove!) Fremantle in Western Australia. Prior to launching our onlinestore, I have worked as a children's counsellor where my passion grewinto using play therapy to support little ones with difficultexperiences and emotions. This combined with my appreciation of thenatural world and advocacy for natural learning forms the unique recipebehind our brand and store. How do you combine being...

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Explore | SS21 Lookbook

  a love letter to childhood memories Our Spring chapter launches worldwide Saturday 10th of October at 8pm This collection is a mix of past and present seasons along with some new floral embroidery.  Photography by Madison  Raising Flowers Photography             

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Make | Frozen garden

This was our favourite activity on warmer winter days and have started collecting for this wonderful activity. For those with a potential egg allergy- these can be made in an ice tray, ice cream tub or muffin tray. Wash the eggs inside and out to remove any residue.Forage your garden for leaves, clovers, grass and flower petals. You could also add small gemstones or garden pebbles. Fill the egg shells with the found treasures and top with water before placing in freezer. Once set, the eggs can be peeled to reveal the frozen beauty inside. 

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