Meet | Nuture the whole child

Introducing Hannah, owner of Ark and Luna

Art has always been for my children and I to connect while playing. Hannah's simple nature play activities kept us busy during lockdown and her Mindful Together project continues to be an important reminder.

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Hannah and I am mama to Ark (6) and Luna (3). We live in (and
love!) Fremantle in Western Australia. Prior to launching our online
store, I have worked as a children's counsellor where my passion grew
into using play therapy to support little ones with difficult
experiences and emotions. This combined with my appreciation of the
natural world and advocacy for natural learning forms the unique recipe
behind our brand and store.

How do you combine being a business owner with being a mother
It is a journey that ebbs and flows. For the most part, it means I am
able to work around my children and be present with them, attend
playgroup sessions and the like. There are times it gets busier and a
little chaotic, but I am grateful to have friends and an amazing family
day carer to lean on for support. The business truly grew from passion
so it never feels like "work".


What is your main creative outlet
This business has been my main creative outlet for a while! Writing has
long been a therapeutic way to string together my thoughts in a creative
way - so now I do this in the form of a blog post or social media post
caption! I genuinely enjoy the challenge of running a business and
needing to think creatively, adapt and problem solve.

What did you want to be as a kid
This has changed so much over the years. Six year old Hannah was pretty
adamant she would be a famous singer one day - but as a teen I was
planning on becoming a lawyer. It wasn't until the University open day
that I happened to go with a friend to a Psychology lecture and
immediately felt called to study this instead.

Last thing that inspired you
My son. Spending time with him has this way of grounding me. It really
puts things into perspective sometimes, the awe and genuine curiosity he
has for the world and just how insignificant "adult problems" often are.
He reminds me to be present as see things with 'fresh eyes'.

What do you love most about what you do
The biggest thing is definitely the gift it gives me to be with my
children, to raise them on my terms while also having the ability to be
creative and "work" on something I love. I have also been able to
connect with SO many amazing humans, built life-long and fulfilling
relationships with like minded folk.

What is the best advice you have received
There is no one thing that stands out, but I have one best friend in
particular who is always there to remind me that worth is not dependent
on others and to give myself permission to prioritise myself first when
I need to.

Recommend a book
Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali. Reading this book was like a
lightbulb moment for me. It perfectly aligns with how I feel and see
this parenting journey and has guidance for showing up wholeheartedly
for life in a way that honours us as mothers, while respecting our
children as the whole and worthy humans they are